Our moods, our ideas, the way we express ourselves: these things are constantly evolving.

As humans, we’re always trying to keep pace with this change. Presenting ourselves in new ways across new mediums. 

At The Avantguard we gave one artisan maker an open brief: use all of your experience and creativity to push boundaries with a revolutionary new material and produce a collection in an everlasting 1500 piece micro-batch.

Introducing Everlast. Six frames that combine M49 by Mazzuchelli bio acetate with ultra lightweight, flexible and shatterproof German Carl Zeiss Vision nylon lenses. A collection of high fashion pieces that combine the world’s most iconic silhouettes, with a revolutionary zero waste material. 

Our first limited micro-batch was hand-made by the world’s best Japanese Artisans. Radical fashion that is good for you and good for the planet.