Our Purpose

Embrace the positive connection between nature and fashion.

Our Promise

Always reflect on the past, how we can refine and do better in the future. #eyeforchange

Our Design

Our design philosophy is a minimal avant-garde approach. Working with earth conscious materials and experienced makers, we believe that putting new and exciting materials with old hands creates timeless and influential designs.

The Avantguard is re-imagined everyday eyewear with a modern touch. 

Our Values

Concern for sustainability, our future and the environment is fundamental to our brand identity and core values. Continually learn, grow and flourish. A "good, better, best" philosophy is always front of mind. Our sustainable approach goes way beyond just the materials we use. It's the overall business life-cycle, how we create, consume, produce product and conduct business. We believe in working with a tight circle of trusted partners to create products that are everlasting.

Our Product

We create collections in micro-batches, minimising wastage and overall carbon footprint. To ensure and maintain the highest standard of quality and consistency, our production runs are maxed at 300 pieces per style. Our handcrafted glasses are built to last in terms of both style and materials. Our belief is that quality, timeless designs, executed in premium materials will result in objects that last the test of time.

Our Partners

THE AVANTGUARD partners with makers that share out commitment to environmentally safe and sound practices. THE AVANTGUARD eyewear is produced entirely in Japan. In Japanese tradition, making small improvements every day isn't just the foundation of excellence, rather a way of life. Our makers are the "masters of such change". It is them, our partners who improve their craft every day. We know that beyond failure, new possibilities lie. That when everything old is gone, everything is new again. At THE AVANTGUARD we are proud to join them in supporting and preserving the traditions and expertise of Japanese handcrafted making, whose work we deeply admire and truly respect.