We won’t advise what frames suit you best as personal taste is of utmost importance when selecting a new frame. The below is merely a guide, not a rule. There may be certain facial features you would like to emphasise but optimal comfort is also equally important.

Whilst every face shape is unique, we all fall into six general shape categories: square, oval, round, oblong, heart and diamond. To make your selection a little easier we have created the AVANTGUARD fit guide to assist you in selecting your new perfect frame online.


A square face shape is best matched to frames with curves to balance the straight lines of your face and soften your features. Avoid very angular frames. THE AVANTGUARD suggests you choose frames that are wider than the middle of your face and sit elevated on your nose.


If you have an oval face, you will suit a lot of frames. Opting for a wide rather than narrow frame will balance out the length of your face. Otherwise THE AVANTGUARD recommends you go for curved frames if your chin and jawline are more sharp, or angular frames if you’d like to play-off the rounded parts of your face. 


If you have a round face, bold frame elements like thick, straight lines and sharp corners will work. THE AVANTGUARD realises frames for round faces are often wide, rectangular frames that add eye-catching angles, or frames with thick browlines that compliment the cheeks.


An oblong face shape benefits from wider frames that emphasize the geometrical shape of your face. Squarer frames will create a balanced symmetry. THE AVANTGUARD recommends frames with low bridges, which makes the nose appear shorter


Heart-shaped faces are wider on top than they are on the bottom, so opt for frames that are a bit wider than your forehead, creating a balanced portrait. THE AVANTGUARD also suggests frames that are pointy at top with curved bottoms for symmetry.


Similar to triangle face shapes, diamond face shapes look stunning in glasses that combine lighter bottoms with thicker brow-lines. Rounded frames can also play well with a diamond face’s angles. THE AVANTGUARD suggests thin acetate or metal frames in light to medium weight and colour.