Masters of Change

Made in Japan

In Japanese tradition, making small improvements every day isn’t just the foundation of excellence. It’s a way of life. Our makers are masters of change. Improving their craft everyday.

We know that beyond failure, new possibilities lie. That when everything old is gone, everything is new again.

Beauty is Biodegradable.

Introducing M49 Bio Acetate by Mazzuchelli.

What if we told you that M49 is not plastic. As a matter of fact, M49 is composed of cellulose acetate and a plasticizer of vegetable origin. The resulting formula is mostly composed of materials from renewable sources. Creating an ultra lightweight & flexible material. Unlike most biodegradable acetates, M49 is also produced without using fossil fuels, making it both bio-based and biodegradable.

The versatility of the material allows us to create amazing products – so you wont want to get rid of them

Every piece of detail in our eyewear are designed with one central idea: quality is sustainable.